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My Summer Playlist – 2016 Edition

Hello! The weather has been beautiful here these past few days, and I’ve been getting some major summer vibes from some great songs! So I thought I’d make a playlist of those songs to share with you all.


T.I.N.A – Fuse ODG ft. Angel  (YouTube)

Hair – Little Mix ft.Sean Paul (YouTube)

Ain’t It Fun – Paramore (YouTube)

The Fighter – Gym Class heroes ft. Ryan Tedder (YouTube)

Once In A While – Timeflies (YouTube)

Temporary Fix – One Direction

Final Song – MØ (YouTube)

Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper (YouTube)

Mamacita – Tinie Tempah ft. Wizkid (YouTube)

At Night (I Think About You) – MNEK (YouTube)


So these are the songs I’m loving at the moment! I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!

Until next time,

Jessica xo


What’s in my bag?

Being a typical girl, I always need to carry a handbag of some sort with me, whether it be a trip to the shops or a day trip into town, so, I thought I’d let you all take a peek as to what I keep in there.

My Bag


Firstly, this is my current handbag. I can’t remember where it’s from as a friend bought it for me while we were in Madrid, but I’ve had it since April, and I love it. It’s so roomy and there’s only one compartment which I prefer to many.


What’s inside?




My purse is from Pull and Bear, which I bought last summer while on holiday in Spain. I prefer big purses like this as it has room for everything you need (notes, coins, bank card, costa card etc.) and I loved how simple the colours were on this one.



I always keep my current read in my bag just in case I get bored stuck on a bus or what not. At the moment it’s “Landline” by Rainbow Rowell. I’m really loving it at the moment! (£3.85 on Amazon)



I always feel like I should keep a bottle of water in my bag, as I like to keep myself hydrated and you never know when you’ll get thirsty!

Lip Balm/Lipstick

I see lip balm as an essential part of my bag contents. I’m always using lipbalm (if I’m not wearing lipstick of course) as I hate the feeling of my lips being dry. This one is No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm in the colour ‘Berry Rose’ (£9.00 from Boots). and has almost ran out (as you can probably tell by the fact the label has rubbed off). I also keep my Mac Lipstick in the matt colour ‘Mehr’ in my bag just in case I get into a situation where lipstick is needed! I’ve included swatches of those two for you to see!

Random Bits and Bobs


Here are my keys, headphones, sunglasses, scrunchie and some body spray! Not so much essentials but I feel like they should be added as they basically live in my bag! Body Spray is Impulse ‘Temptation’, Scrunchie is part of a set from Primark and my sunglasses are from Next. My headphones I panicky bought in the airport before I went to Madrid as I forgot to pack my other ones (silly me) and my keys are, well, my keys! For those interested, I have a clubcard, a heart key ring with my name engraved (thanks boyf) and a photo of me with the One Direction waxworks (lol).


And there you go! That’s what currently lives in my bag. I don’t know if people will like this post, but being my noisy self I love blog posts like this. Let me know what some essentials you have in your bags, or what you think is a good essential! Until next time.


Jessica xo

A Trip to the Theatre

Recently I have had the pleassure of seeing two amazing shows in the Theatre Royal in Plymouth (thanks to discounted tickets through my old sixth form) and decided that I will review them for you all!

Billy Elliot

Firstly, I went to see Billy Elliot in February and I must say it has been my favourite show I have seen so far! I hadn’t watched the film adaptation so the storyline was completely new to me, and my god it was a tear-jerker! I cannot express how perfectly the whole cast – from the kids to the extras- brought the story to life! I was taken in by the passion in the songs and the acting, it was amazing! I have to highlight that the kids were specially talented, and managed to say every swearword under the sun within the two or three hours or so (lol), but it wasn’t cringy, it added to the whole atmosphere and realness of the play. It is definitely one I will remember.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Next I want to talk about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which I saw just a few weeks ago. This one was very special, as one of my favourite Youtubers Carrie Hope Fletcher (Tom Fletcher from McFly’s sister, FYI) was playing the main part of Truly Scrumptious. I was so excited to finally see her in the flesh and was taken aback by her performance, as well as all the other cast members. This production was very different to Billy Elliot in terms of storyline, so I can’t compare them that way, but what I can say is that the musical element of this show was amazing, everyone was singing along to the songs they knew, and there was a lot of comedy in it too!

All in all, both nights were a great experience, and I have definitely developed a love for musicals. It’s a shame that tickets are so expensive now-a-days, as I would love to be able to go to more shows and experience the magic of musicals again! Please let me know in the comments if you have been to musicals and what your thoughts were on them! I’d love to hear!

Jessica xo

Let’s get Studying!


It’s been a while, and I’m truly sorry about that! Study/exam season is a busy time for anyone experiencing it, so I hope you all understand! I’ve been working really hard in the past few weeks, especially with Spanish, to improve my grade before my exam on Tuesday. I definitely feel like it’s paying off, I’ve gone up two grades within the past month (U to D… still not the best but a huge improvement for me!) and this has definitely motivated me to become even better.

I’ve always struggled with studying and revising, I found it really hard to find what works for me and what doesn’t, and it would always de-motivate me to study if I spent a long time doing something that hadn’t really worked. However, I finally fell like I’m getting somewhere with my studies, so in light of this, here are my top 3 tips I go by which I find the most helpful during revision/study time.

Before you start anything, set some goals for your revision.

I never used to do this in GCSE. I always thought the best way was IMG_3496[1]“as much as possible in as little time”, however, cramming definitely did not work for me at all. I usually pick a few goals I want to achieve in that session in particular, and I write these all fancy in my lovely notebook.

I feel like setting goals is a good way of making sure you get the most out of your studying time. personally if I don’t have some sort of goal to work towards I won’t feel motivated to study and also I would probably waste time trying to decide what to study and how to do it. So choosing a Subject then 3-5 very specific goals (not general ones like “revise topic 1”) is the perfect way for me keep productive.


Past papers are a god send!

Especially in these past couple of weeks, past papers have been my best friend. They are the best way to practise your exam skills and helps you to figure out if you truly know the content and if you can apply it to exam questions. If you are someone like me who seems to stress and become anxious in an exam environment, doing past papers also helps you become used to the structure of the paper you are doing and you become so familiar with exam papers it’s not as daunting when it comes to the real thing (still a little bit daunting, mind!) If ou are only doing a quick revision session, you can just do one exam style question, or if you know you struggle with a specific style of question in the paper (those pesky question 9’s in the Spanish A – Level paper!) you can practise just those questions. Past papers are really easy to find, if you type into Google “(exam board) (level of study) (subject) past papers” it should normally come up, so for example for spanish I would write “AQA AS level Spanish past papers”. If in doubt ask your teachers and I’m sure they will be able to help you find them.



I seriously cannot stress enough how important it is to prioritize within your revision! I mean, it’ not going to be very helpful if you are studying frantically for an exam that’s 3 weeks away when you have done the bare minimum of revision for an exam two days away. Of course, its important to revise all the subjects you need, however, it’s the fact of making sure you have a fair and prioritized balance between them all. The way I go about this is first check exam dates and deadlines and put them in upcoming order then revise and prioritize work accordingly. For example, I have my spanish exam on Tuesday, and my mocks for sociology and English are in a couple of weeks time. I also have a coursework deadline next week. So, of course, Spanish is top priority, and I spend most of my time on revision for that subject, however I make sure I spare time to work on my coursework also, and spend about an hour each on revising for both english and Sociology a week untill my spanish exam is over (If that made no sense to you, here is a photo of my plan).  Untitled presentation


Hopefully these tips may have helped you to revise, or maybe you’ve now realised that maybe one of these definitely isn’t for you! Either way, everyone is different and not everyone works the same way. One thing I will say is your grades do not define who you are as a person and there is more to life than education. So please all try to stay calm and count down the days till summer! I know I definitely am!

I want to know your revision tips or tricks, or how you stay calm during exam season so please feel free to comment them below!

Jessica xo

Madrid in Pictures


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Andre Gide

It’s weird how things change so quickly in life. Opinions, situations, relationships, ambitions. However the thing about change is that it’s very based on chance. Is this change good? or bad? Will it affect me a lot? Or little?

I think one of the first ever changes I had in my life was when we moved house. However, I was only like 2-3 at the time, so I remember none of it, but I can imagine that I was very excited! However, I think change is definitely more important when you get older.

Being 17, I’ve had many changes in the past year, from leaving school and going into sixth form, to friendships changing and relationships changing. Again, some good, some bad.

Going through school, I was always so adamant on my future. I had it all planned out. On paper and everything. I would get my GCSE’s; get my A-Levels; get a degree in business or law away from home; travel the world; come back and settle into life. That was my plan. However, since getting into A-Levels, things have most definitely changed.

One of the career coordinator’s in my sixth form told me something really amazing while I was stressing out about changes. And I think she has definitely helped me become the person I am. She said something like “between the ages 16/17/18, you will find life maybe the most difficult, because you are changing and finding yourself as a person. Plans will change, friends will change, life will change, but you will come out of it with a better outlook on life, because you would have found yourself, and you will know what is right for you, and what is wrong. And you will leave things and people behind accordingly. That’s life, and if you are doing this now, then you are just ahead of the game.”

Since I’ve had this conversation with her, I have realised that maybe I was just scared of change. I had my life planned out and it was not going according to plan, but I was just ignoring this, and trying to force something that (I know now) was not working out. So I went and did the necessary changes. I rid of negative friendships/relationships with people, changed my career path, and now I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

Although change might be scary, don’t be afraid of it. Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad, but we all experience change at points in our life, so there’s no need to be afraid, just gooo with the flooow (I feel like if you say this in a “surfer dude” accent its much more effective).

Jessica xo


Things to expect when starting A Levels

For those who don’t know, an A – Level is (in the UK except Scotland) a qualification in a specific subject typically taken by school students aged 16–18, at a level above GCSE. 

It’s A LOT different from GCSE’s

You have a whole lot more freedom, but with that comes a whole lot more responsibility. This isn’t school anymore, and that takes a lot of getting used too.

You will struggle; accept it and deal with it

I expected to go into Sixth Form and find the work just as easy as at GCSE, oh how I was wrong. The content is much more in depth and, for me, definitely harder to understand. You also have to do your own studying to understand fully, which brings me to my next point.

Time management is key

I cannot stress this enough! I had to learn to balance lessons, homework, study, job, boyfriend, friends and me time. Don’t worry if you feel like you aren’t managing it well enough though, it takes time.

Don’t panic if you don’t think you will meet a deadline

Teachers are way more laid back in sixth form than they are in lower school. As long as you rearrange a new deadline and stick to it, they shouldn’t mind.

The dishes don’t clean themselves

There will always be a pile of cups, bowls and spoons in the sixth form kitchen, if you don’t do them, no one will!

You will feel like you are starting to finally find yourself

This time in life is very important, you realise you aren’t the same person you were 6 months ago, things start falling into place, and your future seems almost as clear as day! don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of finding yourself!



Thankyou for reading! Please tell me in the comments below if you think of anymore expectations, or tell me your experience with A-Levels or the equivalent where you live!

Until next week!

Love… It’s a difficult thing.

  1. a strong feeling of affection.


I’ve always thought from young age that one day my prince will come along, sweep me off my feet, carry me away to a far away land and we’ll live happily ever after. I suppose Disney don’t quite understand how that is merely impossible. Love can be an amazing, beautiful thing, however it can also be the thing that destroys you.


When love is good, oh my, it feels like a million butterflies floating around your stomach. Your own heart suddenly is the most alive its ever been. Your thoughts and feelings finally become balanced. You feel happy. So god damn happy, and nothing and no one can stop you from feeling that way.

However, love has its complications. There are sacrifices, heartache, sadness, anger. Things can go wrong; two people may love, but may not feel happy, or it could be one sided. How do you deal with such a thing? And this is where I come to a halt with my understanding.

If love is an emotion, how come you can feel every other emotion at the same time?

I try so hard to understand this, however everything I come up with never seems to fit. It’s so confusing, as if life wasn’t confusing enough. He consumes my thoughts and feelings, yet somehow I still can’t find a solution to the problem. Maybe I’m holding on too much, maybe I’m loving too much.


Maybe it’s just time to let go of love, instead of letting it eat me away.



This is more of a personal blog post and a bit different to what I usually do, however, I would still love to hear your thoughts on what your take on love is, and if you’ve ever been through something similar, how you dealt with it. I’ll be very intruigued to hear what you have to say on this!

Until next week!

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An explanation


As a lot of you have probably noticed, I’ve been absent from blogging for a long while. This is for a few reasons, which I will now explain.

I never intended to stop blogging for the amount of time I did. The main reason was down to time. I got back from my holiday and was thrown straight into A Levels, something I was definitely not prepared for. It caused me to cut things out of my life I didnt really want to cut out, blogging being one of them. I thought that if I just prioritise I’ll be back to blogging in no time. Oh how I was wrong! There would be weeks where I was loaded with school work and then the weeks I didn’t have as much I would be resting as I was stressed from the week before. Don’t get me wrong, I never saw blogging as a chore, it just took up a lot of time, I did not want to write terrible, short and uncreative blog posts for you, as that is not what I’m about.

Now, I feel much more organised and feel like I have more free time, I will be restarting blogging, back to how I would usually! A blog post, hopefully once a week. Blogging is something I really enjoy and I’m so glad I’ve fitted it back into my life again.

Back to normal next week, promise.


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